At Nash Business Systems our experience allows us to put measures and controls in place. Therefore your business will be prepared for a problem or a disaster, should the unthinkable occur.

Such a disaster happened to one of our customers River Canal Rescue in October 2014. Their head office in Stafford was unfortunately set on fire when a fireworks factory on the same business park site exploded and went up in flames.

As you can imagine your office is the central point of your business. All your files, computers, tools are all in your office and just like that overnight it has gone. In this case through no fault of your own, an incident completely out of your control. River Canal Rescue have hundreds of customers and run a canal rescue service which simply did not allow for any sort of closure or down time.

Mark our managing director saw the blaze on the news. He knew instantly that this was the business premises of his customer. “We were immediately in contact with owner Stephanie Horton. After speaking to them we began to plan a strategy to get their business up and running as soon as possible. Once a temporary base was located, we were able to begin to assist our customer. Any business owner will know downtime is not acceptable. We will help you get back in control.”





Nash Business Systems made the decision to host this system in the Cloud. Meaning that in the fire their files were not lost. This decision meant that hundreds and thousands of customer details collected over many years were safe. 

Helping River Canal Rescue set up a temporary base and allowing access to their data meant that their business could continue to run. Meaning customers could be helped and great customer service could continue. Saving not only inconvenience for customers but also money as customers did not need to go elsewhere for this service.

It also allowed our Customer to have one less worry in the wake of such a devastating event. The system was one part of their business, but other parts of course had gone up in flames. Removing just one element of stress and upset for a customer was a massive help. 

Here at Nash Business Systems we really do become part of your business and your team. Our team of programmers work alongside you and once your system is in place we continue to look after your backups and hosting.

When this fire occurred, we joined to River Canal Rescue team and ensured that their systems were up and running as soon as possible. Working together with them and using our expertise to get the business up and running as soon as possible. 

Owner Stephanie Horton was able to make a statement to the press the next day to advise. “Although we’ve lost everything and our emergency lines are down, our database is up and running. Callouts will continue to be answered.” Being able to assure customers that they could be helped meant they did not go elsewhere and the business could continue. 

Thinking what’s best for our customers, through our experience is vital to allow us to offer what is best. Taking pride on doing a good job and right by our customers. Helping you to be prepared and when disaster occurs, we engross ourselves in your team and make sure that you will not fail. Going the extra mile so that you will be protected. So your business can continue to run. Making sure that we will save you the headache and stress and prevent further losses.